Management application for user accounts

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    As a regular client of the LBR you have access to the new management application for user accounts, which was developed by the IT Center of the State.

    In the framework of providing a secured access solution via the Luxtrust card, this application provides you with a central and independent management of your users and their access.

    The key functions of the application are :

    • One access point to manage your users for several applications of the State,
    • An independent management of your users: creation, modification, blocking, and suppression of user accounts via the web. Immediate account activation 24/7
    • A global view of your users,
    • An access view per application,
    • Advanced management functions depending on the application

    How to access the user management application ?

    The user management application is available at

    The detailed user guide is available here.

    The main administrator, who is defined in the LBR agreement annex, has the right to define supplementary user accounts.

    He can create two user types :

    • Type 1 : administrator

      An administrator is a user who can manage users for the company. He can, like the main administrator, create, modify, block and erase access to the application he holds the rights for

    • Type 2 : user

      A user can access the applications for which he has authorized but does not have the rights to manage users. This is the user type that should be created for your employees who have to work with the LBR website.

    Reminder: The person you would like to create an account for needs to have a professional electronic Luxtrust certificate. (

    How to create a new user account

    The creation of a new user account is done in two steps :

    1. The creation of a new user account (user management)
    2. The access of a user account to an application (access management)

    • User management

      The user management application, which was created in order to manage your users for one or more web applications of the State, the “user management”, is the central area where all your user accounts are defined.

      All the functions to create, modify, block and erase a user account are grouped in the “user management” function.

      After the administrator created a new user account in the application, a confirmation email is sent to the user. In order to activate his access, the user has to insert his professional card in the drive on his computer and follow the instructions in the email he received.

    • Access management

      After the user account was created, you need to define his access to applications. To do so, you need to go to “access management” and select the user account you defined. Then you need to decide whether the user is an administrator or a simple user as well as his grouping. The grouping allows you to define the access of a user to orders done by other users of your company.

      To provide you with a simple follow-up method, the different “management access” functions have two views: (1) a view per application and (2) a view per user.

    Authentication procedure (professional Luxtrust certificate)

    Before connecting, you have to make sure that your Luxtrust certificate is installed on your computer and inserted in your drive.